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Introducing MA's Playhouse

MA's Playhouse's goal is to provide the Caribbean-American Actor and/or Playwright with a space and a voice that helps them to extensively explore and celebrate this duality through workshopping and full scale productions of new and old works, and to furthermore encourage intercultural understanding through an amalgamation of ideas, sharing of spaces and the production of culturally and emotionally driven works.

Introducing MA's Playhouse

Actor's Thoughts on Nostalgia: Memories of a Tropical Past

In the days before the opening of MA's Playhouse's premiere proformance, we asked our actors what drew them to Nostalgia: Memories of a Tropical Past and MA's Playhouse.

Actor's Thoughts: Gillian Rougier

Actor's Thoughts: Maureen Germain

Actor's Thoughts: Nemi Cepeda

Actor's Thoughts: Diana Albert

Actor's Thoughts: R'Kardo St'von

Actor's Thoughts: Shawn Nabors

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