Interview with Vito Giancaspro (Set Designer)

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1. What’s your name and role in this play?

– Vito Giancaspro : Creative Set Designer

2. What drew you to this project?

–  I have been producing events and multimedia exhibitions in New York and Italy since 1997. Besides curating exhibitions for visual artists, I have also designed stages for dance performance and fashion show. It is with my great enthusiasm that I have accepted the invitation by the MA’sPlayhouse director, Antonevia O. Coultes to collaborate at “Ti Jean and His Brothers” play.

3. I wanted to work with you because looking at your large drawing titled “Points of View”, I felt like I had stepped into the forest world of Ti Jean. What was your inspiration for this piece that seems to incorporate so much of the soul of a Caribbean/tropical forest?

–  I want to thank you for your statement about feeling absorbed by the entire environment depicted on canvas, such as my drawing, “Points of View” representing a corner of the Puerto Rican rainforest. In fact my goal was to welcome the observer to experience the totality of the environment and to feel-like being dragged into the reproduction of  the natural resource, such a the Caribbean/tropical forest. This particular artwork is part of a Triptych as the private collection of one of my clients who committed me the drawing of a forest. I personalized the idea by choosing the rainforest during my visit to Puerto Rico, in which I fell totally in love. Besides the perspective of the waterflow I also included the optical effect of depth by adding and shaping a series of curving trees toward the center of the canvas in order to create the illusion of the aerial perspective.

4. How has your experience been of working with MA’sPlayhouse?

–  My experience working with MA’sPlayhouse director Antonevia, has been pleasant and dynamic while following deadlines and taking care of transportations and installation issues of materials for the set design. My keen eye for details, such as building, shaping the real objects and installing them on the stage for the show, met Antonevia’s sensibility in being caring, aware, and concerned about the maintenance of such objects, to be preserved during and after the play. My collaborative work with MA’sPlayhouse is still in progress and I thank you Antonevia for being helpful and available as a great leader and team player in order to meet the play and community needs, related to the targeted audience expectations.

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