Leonie Bell (Bird)

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1. Favorite quote from “Ti Jean and His Brothers”: “Come, then,
     Stretch your wings and soar, pass over the fields
     Like the last shadow of night, imps, devils, bats,
     Eazaz, Beelzebub, Cacarat, soar! Quick, quick, the sun!”
2. Childhood superstition: Look each other in the eyes when you cheers each other, or you will have seven years of bad luck/sex!
3. What drew you to this play? I grew up with Grimm’s fairytales as a large part of my literary and imaginative life. Ti Jean and His Brothers, offers
    similar sensibilities- humor, desire, magic, and danger. Derek Walcott proves once again, fairytales are rarely meant for
4.Where are you from?: I was born and raised in a German-American household in Berlin, Germany.
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