Meet Alex Scelso (Frog)

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1) “Here’s a bundle of sticks old wisdom has forgotten. Together they are strong, Apart, they are all rotten.”

2) I remember as a child being really scared of bad luck. So I was always careful around mirrors and if there was a penny on the ground, it made my day. I used to have nightmares practically every night when I was little, so my mom hung up a dream catcher to allow the positivity to come into my room at night, but it would trap and keep out the monsters and bad energy. Oh yeah, and reminding me every night that there were bars on our windows, triple locks on the doors and that there is nothing we have that anyone would want to steal.
3) I love working with an ensemble and this play definitely calls for that. Every character in the world of the play, animal, human or demon, is interconnected and must coexist. Plays that involve family relationships have also been making a huge impression on me lately.
4) I am a Brooklyn guy born and raised. Ukrainian and Austrian descent on my mom’s side and Italian from my dad’s side.
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