Meet Alyssa (Firefly)

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alyssa headshot1. your favorite quote from Ti Jean
“No, I would have known life, rain on my skin, sunlight on my forehead. Master, you have lost. Pay him! Reward him!”
2. a superstition you recall from your childhood
Make a u turn when a cat that looks even remotely black crosses.  Even if that means taking the long way home.
3. what drew you to this play?
I met Antonevia at a friend’s performance and as we sat together and began to talk, I became entranced by her humor and interest in so many disciplines.  When she told me she was working on a Derek Walcott play, I was eager to help, since he is one of my favorite writers.  I read the script and was hooked.  Then, when I showed up at rehearsal, the rest of the cast drew me in and made me look forward to sharing this piece with them every day.  I have learned so much about the way that performers can work together and energize each other.  Also, I have gained a deeper knowledge of lighting and sound production.  I feel so lucky to have met such an amazing, nurturing group of people.
4. Where are you from?
StatenJerzy, the land of oil tanks, highways and italianisms.
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