Meet Nanda Abella (Mother)

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1. your favorite quote from Ti Jean
From Ti Jean to the devil: “Temper, temper. Or you might lose something. Now what next?”
 2. a superstition you recall from your childhood
oh my….so many. Okay. My favorite one is this one: Never have an hydrangea plant at home if you have daughters and they’re not married yet. Otherwise, they will remain single. Funny enough, I’ve always both liked hydrangeas and thought that remaining single was not a bad option in itself, but my mom was very determined when it came to this superstition. She only got an hydrangea plant –because she also likes them– when her youngest daughter got married (that would be me).
 3. what drew you to this play?
The opportunity to dive into a new world –the world of the Caribbean culture and its folktales– and also the complexity and richness of Derek Walcott’s text.
 4. Where are you from?
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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