Call Home

The terras are calling out to us

Signaling to us…

They leave post it notes on polluted shores

Secret memos in the arctic cracks

Bellow to us from decaying plasticated feathered bellies

Whisper to us from creeping sandy masses

Lament to us through oil stained faces

Global warming is terra forming


As we terra rize the land

Terra rize the people

This “terre” shape shifts

To sustain itself


Abandoned by its overseers

It sees to itself now, sees that it survives now, at all cost—at our cost

Small price to pay for balance


It must shed itself of its most egregious violators

Raise the temperature, burn the chaff, drown the land

Submerge itself in protection

Hello, Hello, someone please pick up!


AOC 2017

Grapevine Series


MA’s home!

MA’s home!
Posted on February 10, 2017

Hi Everyone,

We’re back for 2017. It’s been sometime since there has been activity on this page and we are rearing to go! Thank you for all of those who have and continue to support us. We look forward to bringing you content from and inspired by the Caribbean region. Some exciting highlights for this year include a Song and Dance Cabaret Fundraiser in NYC as well as a paired theatrical event featuring a new play, “Sign Language and Swahili” as well as “The Migrants of Midnight” We will also be launching several poetry series: The Grapevine Series, The Standpipe Series and the Pipeline Series. Check out MA’s Playhouse for details.

If you would like to become a contributor through your time, content or membership please feel free to contact us at We are currently looking for additional contributors for the Grapevine and Standpipe series. We are also searching for island ambassadors to report on island specific cultural events of the theatrical and artistic bent. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.