Meet Anel Carmona (Cricket)



Meet Anel Carmona (Cricket)
1. Favorite quote from “Ti Jean and His Brothers”
“He who with the Devil tries to be fair
Weaves the net of his own despair.”

2. A superstition you recall from your childhood.
My parents told me once as a joke that if I stepped in the lines of the junctions in the sidewalk I would turn into a spider. I was to young to understand that it was a joke, so I would avoid those lines with all my might.

3. What drew you to this play?
I love this kind of fantasy Theatre that is barely done in NYC. I really enjoy working with elements of Physical Theatre, masks and acrobatics.

4. Where are you from?
Guadalajara, Mexico!!

“Ti Jean and His Brothers” Cast and Crew

Glenn Provost – Devil, Old Man, Planter

Lee Baptiste – Gros Jean

Antonevia Ocho-Coultes – Mi Jean

Octavia Chavez-Richmond – Ti Jean

Nanda Abella – Mother

Jaine Huenergard – Bolom

Alexander Scelso – Frog

Anel Carmona – Cricket

Leonie Bell – Bird

Alyssa Rapp – Firefly

Stephen M Hill – Goat, Werewolf

Vito Giancaspro – Creative Set Designer

Tim Dugan – Mask Consultant

Gillian Rougier – Sound Operator

MA’s Playhouse – Costume Design, Lighting Design


The World of Ti Jean

Director, Antonevia Ocho-Coultes has re-imagined this classic Walcott piece. It is a fairy tale like so many others that explores the fight between good and evil. It follows the journey of three brothers who each try their hand at defeating the devil, in an attempt to free themselves from their present poverty stricken predicament. The forest comes alive as all of nature rises to the challenge of this battle. It tackles the themes of power, wealth, the status quo and knowledge for its own sake, with such frivolity and depth, that it transports you at once to another world and yet grounds you in the realities of all times.

The production employs mask and animal work,  as well as other world instruments in its bid to express the universality of this world. It’s as much fantasy and fate that a re-imagined look at the postcolonial Caribbean status quo can offer and much much more.

“It has been so exciting to explore this forest with its multicultural inhabitants and its complex yet dynamic challenges” Antonevia says. The show opens Jun 20th and runs for four performances. For tickets go to


MA’s Playhouse seeks to showcase the voice of the Caribbean, through showcasing the work of Caribbean/Caribbean American playwrights, actors, and artists. It seeks to produce new as well as established works. It encourages intercultural understanding in its multicultural approach to theater and prides itself on the production of culturally and emotionally driven works.

Ti Jean and His Brothers comes to Brooklyn (Jun 21-27)

MA’s Playhouse presents: “Ti Jean and His Brothers”, a timeless contemporary Caribbean folktale play from Nobel Prize author, Derek Walcott.


MA’s Playhouse brings Ti Jean and His Brothers to the stage for four exclusive performances. It opens on June 20th at 6pm at The Maroney Theater located at 180 Remsen Street  (7th fl. of Saint Francis College). Run time is approximately 1hr 40min with an intermission.

 Ti Jean and His Brothers will run On June 20th and 21st at 6pm, On June 26th at 7:30 pm and On June 27th at 8:30pm. All tickets are $20.00 (or $10.00 for industry members with resume/headshot/business card). Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets. Media comps, photos, videos and interviews for Ti Jean and His Brothers are available upon request from 347 410-6382 or by emailing

Tickets available at

Casting Notice for Upcoming Play, “Ti Jean and His Brothers”


Devil/ Planter/Papa Bois – Seeking male who moves well and has a good command of language. Shakespeare exp is a plus

Gros Jean – Strength-Seeking male (20’s-30,s)

Mi Jean – Intellect Seeking Male (20’s-30’s)

Ti Jean – Wisdom Seeking Male (early 20’s)

Cricket/Chanteur/Dancer – Male/female – voice and dance experience is a plus

Frog/Chanteur/Dancer – Male/Female – voice and dance experience is a plus

Bird/Chanteur/Dancer – Male/Female – voice and dance experience is a plus

Firefly/ Chanteur/Dancer/Field – Male/Female – voice and Dance experience is a plus

    Bolom: Male/Female- Dance or movement experience is a must.


Crew (Seeking)

Lighting Designer – Costume Designer- Sound Designer-Set Designer

This play goes up at the end of June. The performance dates are the 20th, 21st,26th and 27th of June. Rehearsals are from Tuesday to Saturday evenings in May.

Audition by appointment. Please submit a headshot and resume asap to

“Home”- the play and its playwright Greg Anderson-Elysee

The play “HOME” will makes it debut this Saturday as a part of the HOME SWEET HOME fundraiser event.

“Home” is a play about a haitian born young man living in the US who his visited by his dead parents. They urge him to reconnect with his haitian roots but he is quite content with leaving everything connected to his Haitian past behind. This short play is packed with all of the emotional conflict that one expects from a family divided first by water and then by culture. It highlights the plight of  child migration, the subsequent assimilation into a new culture vs. alienation by it, as well as the cultural and familial challenges that arise.

The playwright, Gregory Anderson-Elysee is an Haitian-American is also a



comic book writer, film maker, and actor born and raised in Brooklyn. Growing up, he has always been involved in the arts. He developed his love for writing and storytelling in the first grade along with fine arts. His pursuit of fine arts in high school eventually lead him to film-making and acting which he took to study at Brooklyn College. Since studying at Brooklyn College, he has performed as an actor on stage and short films, written and co-directed plays, directed and assistant directed short films, and published his first comic. Themes usually explored in Anderson-Elysee’s writings range from race to heritage and culture to sexuality to relationships between family and loved ones and personal growth. Anderson-Elysee is a fan of horror, a genre that seems to trickle into most of his work, even as a slight element. Among other pursuits, he is currently in post production of his feature film Heart on a Wire, a fantasy-horror-love story about a self-destructive young man struggling with the voices and memories of his exes, and is also working on his new comic book Jeremy Tableau: The Black Sheep, about a trouble-making trickster entangled in the world of Caribbean folklore and mythology.


HOME AGAIN-starring Tatyana Ali

HOME AGAINAs we gear up for our HOME SWEET HOME fundraiser this coming Saturday Jan 11th, I came across another film  entitled “HOME AGAIN” and the idea resonated within me and I know it will for many.

As MA’s Playhouse is currently exploring the idea of home and what that means to people who have come from the Caribbean, so too does HOME AGAIN delve into this complex concept.

This film which was written by Jennifer Holness and directed by Sudz Sutherland follows the lives of three Caribbean born but foreign bred immigrants. They are suddenly deported from their respective foreign countries and taken back to the island of birth, Jamaica. They find not only that they do not fit in but that they do not possess the skills to thrive in an environment that is openly hostile to them.

This brings to mind so many thought provoking questions. Are you still from the Caribbean, if the only claim you have to it is birth? Is birthright enough? Is it ethical, though it may be legal, to tear someone from the only place they have known as home? What is home? What  does that word really mean? Do you lose the claim to call a place home when you leave it for an undefined period? Can you claim a place as home if it had no or little influence in your upbringing?

One thing is certain this film needs to be commended for tackling this theme and even more so this reality for many immigrants.

For more info on HOME AGAIN please visit their website and lookout for screenings in your area. Go to

New Year, New beginnings, home is on my mind, “Home Sweet Home” that is…

Come out and see this beautiful film directed by Julian Oddman that celebrates home and the nostalgia that comes with it. Hear from people from Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Dominica, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana and Puerto Rico. See yourself represented and connect with the warmth of the Caribbean. Check out for more info and for tics for Jan 11th

Film Fundraiser event on Jan 11th at St. Francis College

Film Fundraiser event on Jan 11th at St. Francis College Brooklyn NY 11201

Home Sweet Home Fundraiser- Jan 11th 2014


What do you miss about home? The food, the smells, the community… The film “Home Sweet Home” invites you take a journey with a few Caribbean immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Barbados and Jamaica. The film explores the lives of a few of those who have made the journey from the Caribbean to “foreign” shores and the challenges inherent in making such a journey.

MA’s Playhouse invites you to come celebrate with us. Experience a buffet style dinner infused with Caribbean music all around. Have your photo taken by Image Ready on our red carpet! Meet and network with the community. Then enjoy a short play entitled “Home” by Greg Anderson-Elysee. This play encapsulates a very familiar aspect home for so many who have come to the US. Then gather for the feature presentation of the night “Home Sweet Home”Don’t let this night pass you by! You a guaranteed a good time! Come help us preserve a legacy!
For tickets and more info go to:
Sponsors include: St. Francis College, Image Ready, DJ Madd Fyre, Tropical Paradise, David’s Bakery, MD20 Lions Youth Services Committee…