MA’s Playhouse mission is to increase the lexicon of plays and films emanating from the Caribbean and its diaspora.

Its intercultural roots began as collaboration between a German playwright and a Trinidadian actor in 2013. Today MA’s continues encourage intercultural collaborations as a means of growing our understanding of our global community and creating a pipeline for culturally unique works.

“As a native of the Caribbean I have always been drawn to the culture as it manifests itself across all the Caribbean islands. Having a truncated knowledge of my own history, save that my lineage bears the marks of Caribbean migration and multicultural identities, I have been curious to investigate how these identities merge and form new, richer, complex, cultural tapestries.

It’s these stories that I would like to see the light of day. If you are a storyteller, have a passion for the Caribbean and its people or just curious then, then this is the blog for you. Join us as we add to the existing perspectives on Caribbean culture and identity.” – Antonevia Ocho-Coultes

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