• Blackness

    Episode 5: Little Blackbird. Season Of Blackness

    This episode is about Tyson Goddard’s self-discovery in various aspects of his life. Tyson is an Australian Drag performer of Fijian descent. The constant conflicts in layers of slavery, sexuality, and spirituality make him who he is today.  Tyson is a producer and a performer of the “Thick Shake Crew,” Australia’s first all-drag, all-person-of-color performance hip-hop crew.   He has found the right balance of being an entertainer and an activist because of the messages he wants to deliver through his creativity. In this day and age, where people are oblivious of what they have, Tyson is grateful for his foster parents and the wonderful childhood given to him. His views…

  • Podcast

    In The Pursuit Of… Journey to Self

    In The Pursuit Of… Journey to Self, dives into often taboo conversations around identity, love, beauty, religion and fulfillment. Tired of those neat compartments that put limits on what you can do? Join us as we look between the lines to find each other and ourselves. In The Pursuit is powered by MA’s Playhouse, a theater and media company that seeks to increase the lexicon of plays, films and stories emanating from the African diaspora, with particular attention on the Caribbean and its diaspora throughout the world. The mission is to amplify the multi-ethnic perspectives on topics from blackness, beauty, and body image to femininity and masculinity and more. Our…