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    So The Nailhead Bends

    “I believe in light and darkness. I am a work in progress and I embrace the lessons taught, both the good and bad. I want to achieve everything, so I try my hand at everything. I know I will fail at many things, but failure is the catalyst of success. I’ve always been the black girl in the ring, and after years of struggling with that identity I am proud to say it isn’t something I’d change.” – Linisa George 

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    Linisa George Playwright of the Week

    Linisa George is a creative outburst of energy. Born in Guyana, Linisa migrated with her family to Antigua, the island where she calls home, at the tender age of 4. She wrote in secret from the age of 6; her poems were her escape from a world that she didn’t think she fit into. It wasn’t until 2003 while living in Toronto where she discovered the writings of the amazing Maya Angelou, that she realised that her life’s fulfillment was masked in her words. Linisa moved back to Antigua in 2005, where after many false starts she was able to push start her career in the literary and performing arts.…