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    In The Pursuit Of… Journey to Self

    In The Pursuit Of… Journey to Self, dives into often taboo conversations around identity, love, beauty, religion and fulfillment. Tired of those neat compartments that put limits on what you can do? Join us as we look between the lines to find each other and ourselves. In The Pursuit is powered by MA’s Playhouse, a theater and media company that seeks to increase the lexicon of plays, films and stories emanating from the African diaspora, with particular attention on the Caribbean and its diaspora throughout the world. The mission is to amplify the multi-ethnic perspectives on topics from blackness, beauty, and body image to femininity and masculinity and more. Our…

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    Nandi Keyi Playwright of the Week

    Nandi Keyi was born in London, England to parents from Trinidad & Tobago. Like many children of first generation Caribbean immigrants eking out a living in 1960s England, Nandi was dispatched, at age five, to spend the rest of her childhood years with relatives in the Caribbean. Later she had a decade long journalism and theater career, writing hundreds of articles for major daily and community newspapers in North America before turning her attention to creative writing. Her critically-acclaimed plays have been produced and anthologized. Her essay “Still Shipwrecked on the Shores of My African Self,” was published by the international peer review journal, “Changing English: Studies in Research and…

  • Playwrights of The Week

    Midsummer, Tobago

    Broad sun-stoned beaches. White heat. A green river. A bridge, scorched yellow palms from the summer-sleeping house drowsing through August. Days I have held, days I have lost, days that outgrow, like daughters, my harbouring arms. Derek Walcott

  • Playwrights of The Week

    Derek Walcott Playwright of the Week

    Walcott was born and raised in Castries, Saint Lucia, in the West Indies with a twin brother, the future playwright Roderick Walcott, and a sister, Pamela Walcott. His family is of African and European descent, reflecting the complex colonial history of the island which he explores in his poetry. His mother, a teacher, loved the arts and often recited poetry around the house. His father, who painted and wrote poetry, died at age 31 from mastoiditis while his wife was pregnant with the twins Derek and Roderick, who were born after his death. Walcott’s family was part of a minority Methodist community, who felt overshadowed by the dominant Catholic culture…

  • Playwrights of The Week

    Linisa George Playwright of the Week

    Linisa George is a creative outburst of energy. Born in Guyana, Linisa migrated with her family to Antigua, the island where she calls home, at the tender age of 4. She wrote in secret from the age of 6; her poems were her escape from a world that she didn’t think she fit into. It wasn’t until 2003 while living in Toronto where she discovered the writings of the amazing Maya Angelou, that she realised that her life’s fulfillment was masked in her words. Linisa moved back to Antigua in 2005, where after many false starts she was able to push start her career in the literary and performing arts.…