Flambeaux The Caribbean Musical

Flambeaux  is an inspiring play written by the talented playwright Nandi Keyi. She is a playwright and a published author, whose work has been presented and produced on notable stages, journals and newspapers.

The play was directed by Roderick Warner and Lawrence Floyd. Flambeaux is a flaming torch used in processions at night. Flambeaux was set in fictional Homer’s Yard during Carnival where, Sybil, Big city, Lucretia, Mary, Ramjit, Breeze, Sagarat and neighbors are all striving for a sense of relevance and Home. Through song and dance we got an inside  glance into the spirit of the  people from Homer’s Yard. The play captured their sacrifice and struggles. [more…]

Flambeaux was surrounded by the death of a beloved stick-fighter “Sello,” played by Augustus Wilson during the 1880′s Trinidad celebration which sparks a drunken brawl with lit flambeaux, rousing the wrath of colonial authorities.The use of Calypso and other styles of music, choreography and Stickfighting, Flambeaux captures the repressed emotions the Trinidadian Community during the late 1880′s. According to the Caribbean news while the characters colorfully evoke the era, “Flambeaux” is also a historically accurate glimpse into a pivotal time in the history of Trinidad coinciding with the Camboulay Riots.

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The Cast:
Althea Alexis (sybil)
Augustus Wilson (sello)
Neil Dawson(Big City)
Ann Flanigan (Lucretia)
Donnell E. Smith (Sagarat)
Sparks (mister)
Angela Polite(Mary)
Shayne Powell (breeze)
Rrommel Tolentino( Ramjit)
Victoria L. Ward (Neighbor)
Marvel Allen (Neighbor)
Kenya Jacobs (Neighbor)
Araba Brown (Neighbor)
Andrew Clarke (Neighbor/Sello’s stickfight challenger)
Jude Evans (Neighbor)

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