“IF WALLS COULD TALK” written & directed by David Tulloch

The Jamaican Gleaner reported IF WALLS COULD TALK is a must see for Caribbean goers. The play is a dramatic comedy that takes the audience into the lives and marriage of The Bailey’s. Melvin and Jennifer Bailey are owners of a struggling hardware store and married for eleven years. They have tried so many times to have children but to no avail. [more…]

This is primarily because Jennifer suffers from a terminal condition known as uterine incompetence. What this does is to allow Jennifer to conceive but eventually she will have a miscarriage. Driven by guilt and her profound love for her husband whom she believes is ‘perfect’ and whom she failed at providing a family for, she decided to ask their loyal helper, Cindy to carry the child for her. This way she keeps it in house and without many people knowing. The thing is she granted her husband the permission to have a child with their helper based on the fact that she thought he was the perfect husband. Lucky for him Walls do not talk, or do they? So in a highly dramatic, hilarious comedy a husband’s conscience rescues his marriage ,but is it in time?

Playwright David Tulloch
Producer Probemaster Entertainment
Director & Lighting Designer David Tulloch
Stage Manager Dacoda Mitchell
Set Design David Tulloch
Set Construction Lopez Atlan
Set Painter Kirk Nunes
Set Dressing Karl Hart
Costume Design David Tulloch

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