Behind the Scenes

Working on Nostalgia

Looking back is always a bit hazy, but no matter what struggles or joys lay in our past we often look on them fondly knowing that they have helped shape who we are today.

Taking a look back on this production, an overwhelming sense of gratitude fills me. Working with actors from beginning to end was an invaluable experience. This piece was a collaborative effort on the part of several playwrights including myself and so it was something that was near and dear to my heart.

The casting process was the first real testing ground for this material and it was the first transformation of the pieces for me. They were given their first breath through these actors’ instruments and it was amazing to see the different lives they took on. One immediate challenge I confronted in casting a Caribbean inspired piece in New York was the accent. It was a challenge that each actor rose to in his or her own unique way.[more…]

The rehearsal process was both fun and fascinating. Though rocky at times some of the most beautiful moments happened during those rehearsals and it was here that another transformation of these pieces occurred.

Finally, the day of the performance arrived and it was time to debut the work and the workers before an audience. I can truly say that it was much more than I could have hoped for. The pieces took on a life of their own before the audience and it was apparent that the material resonated with many of them. The actors had done their job and had once more transformed the work and themselves. Though it was a short run it was a successful one and I am grateful to the cast and crew on a very personal level for breathing life into NOSTALGIA: Memories of a Tropical Past.

Check out the actor’s thoughts video on NOSTALGIA: Memories of a Tropical Past.

Antonevia Ocho-Coultes
Artistic Director MA’s Playhouse

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