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    “IF WALLS COULD TALK” written & directed by David Tulloch

    The Jamaican Gleaner reported IF WALLS COULD TALK is a must see for Caribbean goers. The play is a dramatic comedy that takes the audience into the lives and marriage of The Bailey’s. Melvin and Jennifer Bailey are owners of a struggling hardware store and married for eleven years. They have tried so many times to have children but to no avail. [more…] This is primarily because Jennifer suffers from a terminal condition known as uterine incompetence. What this does is to allow Jennifer to conceive but eventually she will have a miscarriage. Driven by guilt and her profound love for her husband whom she believes is ‘perfect’ and whom…

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    Final call for “new” play submissions

    This is the final call for “new” play submissions for MA’s Playhouse Caribbean theatre company’s fall production. The deadline is today August 15th. If you have not done so already please go to MA’s Playhouse website for additional information. http://masplayhouse.com/?page=contact

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    National Black Theatre Festival

    The National Black Theater Festival in held June 13th in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was a complete and compassionate, illumination and examination of Black life via the theatre. The festival’s official commencement is an opening-night gala and awards ceremony that rivals the pomp and circumstance of any Hollywood red-carpet event. This gala is hosted by A-list celebrities like: Maya Angelou, Lamon Rucker (Meet the Browns), Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Game), and Ted Lange (Love Boat). There is also an opening night show that follows the Gala, which showcases the work of exemplary and award-winning talent, like Glen Turman, Lillias White, Sheryl Lee Ralph, etc…[more…] According to Caribbean life new there were…

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    So The Nailhead Bends

    “I believe in light and darkness. I am a work in progress and I embrace the lessons taught, both the good and bad. I want to achieve everything, so I try my hand at everything. I know I will fail at many things, but failure is the catalyst of success. I’ve always been the black girl in the ring, and after years of struggling with that identity I am proud to say it isn’t something I’d change.” – Linisa George 

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    Middle Class Gets Voice In Theatre

    “Here’s dramatic irony for you. In his essay ‘A Century of Theatre in Jamaica’, written for the Actor Boy Awards magazine of March 2000, theatre historian Wycliffe Bennett writes “the theatre remained well into the 20th century the almost exclusive preserve of the predominantly white but numerically small element of the Jamaican society”. And he adds a few paragraphs later: “It was an Englishman, Orford St John, who in establishing his group, the Repertory Players [in 1957], first specifically used the term ‘inter-racial company’.”[more…] The vast majority of the plays staged in Jamaica during the first half of the 20th century were non-Jamaican. But even after black Jamaicans began taking over the…

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    Call for Play Submissions

    Submit your play today! This is a call for “new” play submissions for MA’s Playhouse Caribbean theatre company’s fall production. We are looking for plays that are conflict driven and engaging.  Drama and fantasy are encouraged.  The work must be open to workshopping.  The deadline is August 15th. Have your play premiered in NYC.