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    Episode 4: In Between Worlds. Season Of Blackness

    This episode is about three amazing Afro-Latina women in America and how they live in between worlds. Yenifer Dallo is a higher education academic and student affairs administrator. She facilitates dialogue around diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice through her work and advocacy. In addition, she coordinates service and leadership programs. Yenifer also serves her faith community. She lives in New York City with her family. Josimel De La Cruz has an inspiring personality as she wants to guide the younger generation to have more fulfilling and safe lives. She is currently working in the New York council of Cabrera Fernando. She has worked to words helping kids who need…

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    Episode 3: No Good Time.Season of Blackness

    This episode is about Tabitha Saint Bernard-Jacobs, the program’s deputy executive director at women’s March. She is the co-founder of “empower the youth” from of Women’s March. She has accomplished so much that she inspires others to look at life from a different perspective. In addition, she has one of the unique and important perspectives as a parent on raising anti-racist children. She is committed to educating the future generation to create a better world where people live in harmony. What does Blackness mean to Tabitha? She identifies herself as a ‘Dougla,’ having Indian and African ancestors. After coming to America, she explored her definition of blackness. She has delved…

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    Episode 2: Strength in Unity. Season Of Blackness

    This podcast takes you on the journey of the proud Haitian singer Elektra Cassandre Joseph. She started her career 20 years ago with the band called Phantom.  Elektra has collaborated with many singers, and now she sings solo.  Elektra’s perspective shows us how the systems based on European philosophy can deprive individuals of forming their own identities.  Elektra understood the true sense of being Haitian after traveling across the globe and researching her roots.  Growing up in Haiti:  The schools in Haiti are modeled after European-based education, which involves the colonizer’s languages, history, and culture. This system did not favor education or celebrated  Haiti’s culture and language. Even as a student, Elektra was…

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    Episode 1: Which box do you check? Season Of Blackness

    This episode was about accepting the black identity within ourselves. Diana Nosa is a Nigerian American woman who was born and brought up in New Jersey. She is a writer, filmmaker and she has worked as an intern in MA’s Playhouse. Kitry Fagotin is from Guadeloupe, working as a digital marketer with MA’s Playhouse and continuing her social media internship. Schanita Ratnayake is of mixed American, African American, and Puerto- Rican descent. She has traveled to Asia, and she is a freelance artist and brand manager. Mahalia DeRose is Haitian American. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and has done her internship with MA’s Playhouse. What does blackness mean…

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    In The Pursuit Of… Journey to Self

    In The Pursuit Of… Journey to Self, dives into often taboo conversations around identity, love, beauty, religion and fulfillment. Tired of those neat compartments that put limits on what you can do? Join us as we look between the lines to find each other and ourselves. In The Pursuit is powered by MA’s Playhouse, a theater and media company that seeks to increase the lexicon of plays, films and stories emanating from the African diaspora, with particular attention on the Caribbean and its diaspora throughout the world. The mission is to amplify the multi-ethnic perspectives on topics from blackness, beauty, and body image to femininity and masculinity and more. Our…