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M.W.Bennett Interview on Sunjata Book One: The Blood War

Sunjata Book One: The Blood War by Mahess W. Bennett. Mahess was joined by NBC Augusta to discuss his sunjata novel. In the interview you get an in-dept look behind the scene to Sunjata novel Book one.[more…]

Original Artwork by Mahess Bennett. All rights Reserved

Overview by Mahess Bennett

“All Sunjata wanted was to find information leading to the mysteries of his past, while leaving the brutal life as a mercenary behind him, forever. But when a series of events lead the government to believe that he is the prime suspect to the celebrity serial killings, he is forced to return to his old ways of martial arts combat.

A gung-ho ex-marine named Lynch Blackmyn is called in to hunt him down using his high-tech military squadron; the Centra-unit. Sunjata later discovers that a mysterious secret society called the Mystici is also on his tail for reasons unknown.

After many narrow escapes and run-ins with both old and new acquaintances, Sunjata’s past resurfaces and sparks the Second Blood War. The harder Sunjata tries to lead a peaceful life, free of violence, the more difficult it becomes for him to avoid deadly conflict.

“SUNJATA: Blood Wars is an explosive action/adventure story that fuses high tempo martial arts action with ancient mysticism, spirituality, politics and new aged technology. Strap in and prepare for the coming of the Blood Wars.”

Sunjata Book One: The Blood Wars is available now via Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Author House.

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