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Meet Mahess Bennett Cast and Characters

MA’s Playhouse would like to introduces Mahess Bennett’s cast and characters for his books and original works of art.[more…]
Sunjata:  A very relatable and interesting character. He is a former mercenary in search of inner peace, but continue to fall into deep conflict against the martial art powers of the Centra-unit.

Lynch Blackmyn: An an ex marine that was hired by an elite organization to establish and manage a high power military component called the Centra-unit and use it to hunt Sunjata.

Baba Ujad Heru: Is Sunjata adopted father and the Locked source’s genetic father. He was once a member of the Lambanni Tribe Nine and studied the ancient art of the Totem stance, which consists of Simba Claw, Urete Strike, and the force of Sebek.

“Have fun and live life. As Sunjata would say, “Be Blessed and Manifest…”

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Sunjata Book One: The Blood Wars is available now via AmazonBarnes and Nobel, and Author House.

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